StarBoard Media offers an array of media products to enhance and maintain communication with district residents, parents, and taxpayers in a dependable and efficient way that is reflective of the continuous multiple successes that Long Island school districts experience on a daily basis. StarBoard will make a difference in your communications because its staff has expertise based on extended practice, not just in public relations, but also in successful school administration.


  • Social Media and Content Marketing Specialists - Tell your story effectively and get your message out by maximizing your successes across social media channels.
  • Newsletters - StarBoard can write, organize, photograph and design, and, if needed, print District Newsletters with an original look or a continuation of the look you have established in your publications.  You can depend on StarBoard to be available from the first day of school until high school graduation, on site, in the District, covering regular and special events with visuals accompanying every story or profile.
  • News Releases - StarBoard can manage your communications with local newspapers, publications, and broadcast media.  StarBoard Media can guarantee District generated news releases on weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis.
  • Educational Column - Columns devoted to contemporary educational issues, national, state, or local controversies, or District issues.  Columns can be presented as part of newsletters by board members or administrators or sent to local media as letters to the editor.
  • Websites - StarBoard can design, redesign, or maintain websites for your district that are lively, fresh, and up to date. 
  • District Calendar - StarBoard will update, compile, and maintain standard information for District calendars.  Calendars will have updated graphics and photos that reflect the school year in popular size layouts.  
  • Whatever your need: Budget publications and postcards, school board candidate publications, welcome brochures, high school profile brochures - StarBoard can do it all, and maintain it year after year.
  • Crisis Management -  StarBoard's experienced staff is always ready to meet the press if the need arises with smooth professionalism.
  • Competitive Quality Printing - StarBoard can provide high quality printing for publications in a variety of sizes in one, two, or four colors.  Prices will depend on quantities, and are quoted based on 10,000 copies.  Larger quantities will result in additional savings.
  • District Mailings - Starboard will oversee District mailings.
  • Personalized. professional representation of your image to stakeholders in your community.

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