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Brenda Lentsch President of Starboard Media

Brenda Lentsch

Technologically oriented, with a flair for design and layout, Brenda Lentsch is the "geek" of StarBoard Media. Always seeking new ways to create a welcoming and user-friendly environment  to foster communication with the public, she is the webmaster for many online sites. The Commack School District site is one of her favorites.  "Just about everything you ever wanted to know about the schools and the community is easily accessible. It's the first place people check when they want the latest information about anything going on in the schools or in the community. All newsletters and publications, calendars, community news and events, forms, programs, jobs, contacts, etc., are available 24 hours a day. In today's media savvy culture, electronic communication tools are of the utmost importance."

Brenda has worked in the public relations field for many years, the last twelve in Commack. She is also the district photographer, and her photos are published in many print venues, along with the copy in the press releases she sends out.  She has extensive experience in editing, writing, and layout of print publications, including brochures, calendars, newsletters, and "anything on paper!"

A graduate of Hofstra University and a Certified Internet Webmaster, Brenda continues to take courses and attend workshops to sharpen her skills as a media specialist. She is the President of the Long Island Schools Public Relations Association. Her websites have won design awards, and she has been recognized for her service to the children, community and the church she attends with two PTA Honorary Lifetime Membership Awards, the prestigious SCOPE Community Service Award, and the Crusader Christian Service Award.

Jim Hall

Jim Hall

Jim Hall is a retired teacher, after spending 40 years in education teaching art, photography, and advertising art, in addition to representing the art department as its lead teacher.  At the same time he volunteered his time, artistic skills, and photographic talent to publicize school related awards and events - becoming a major contributor to all the District communications. In time his contributions grew and he became the editor of most District publications which included The Commack Courier, all budget publications, special District newsletters, and the special Commack Schools 100th Anniversary publication. He has created and distributed District News Releases for the past 25 years. 

At the same time, Mr. Hall was a principle photographer and designer of numerous educational filmstrips and software produced by the Long Island Focus Media Company and Bergwall Productions. Since 1980 Jim has designed publications and brochures for the Huntington Parks and Recreation Department of the Town of Huntington, in addition to serving as the Town photographer, creating, documenting, and displaying Town activities through news releases to the media.

Throughout his career, Jim has been a teacher activist, and the President of the Commack Teachers Association. He has served as a NYSUT delegate, a NYS Retirement delegate and the winner of numerous NYSUT Journalism awards.

Jim has experience both leading and working within organizations.  He builds bridges within and between organizations, as seen in the 2004 Labor/Saturn Partnership Award presented jointly to the Commack Teachers Association and the Commack Schools. This prestigious national recognition evolved from the decades-old cooperation between the teachers association and the district, solving problems mutually, cooperatively, and creatively.   


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